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Generally speaking, the law of child support in New York State is fairly straight-forward. The amount one pays or receives is based largely on which parent has primary physical custody, the income and taxes of both parents, and the number of children in question.

A Statutory Approach

For a number of years now the law of child support has been statutorily set by the New York State Legislature under the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA). Generally, the non-custodial parent's amount is a percentage of each parents combined income less certain taxes. The percentage is based on the number of children the parties have in common. For example, the statutory percentage for one child is 17%, and 25% for two children.


Of course as with most areas of the law there are exceptions to the general rule in certain circumstances, and it is my job as a family law attorney to advise on when such circumstances may apply. If hired to be your attorney you could be sure that I would provide you with an honest, and succinct assessment of your rights under the law, and if necessary fight zealously to see such rights protected.

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