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One of the most contentious aspects of a divorce has to do with the distribution of the couple's marital assets. New York State embraces the principle of "equitable distribution" of marital assets. Generally speaking,  separate property stays separate, and marital property gets divided equitably. "Equitable" does not necessarily mean an "equal" 50/50 distribution. A court in its discretion may assign different percentages based on the circumstances of the particular case.

Marital Property

Very generally speaking, Marital property is that property which was aquired by a couple during the tenure of their marriage. However, there are many exceptions to this rule, and you would be well advised to consult an attorney about your rights in this area before you agree to any proposed distribution.

Separate Property

Very generally, separate property is that property that was aquired by a party before his or her marriage. However, just as with the above marital property definition, there are many exceptions here as well. Indeed, sometimes property obtained during marriage can still be considered separate, while property acquired before the marriage can become marital. Again, I cannot stress enough the importance of reviewing all of your assets with an attorney before agreeing to any terms regarding the division of assets.


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