Court Order Modification

Circumstances Change

Life moves on, things change. So why should you should be stuck with a court order that does not fit with your current circumstances?


Many of my clients have already been through a family related proceeding where the court fixed a visitation schedule, or set a child support award. Sometimes these orders have stood for even 10 years or more, completely unmodified.


In such situations, my client's and I thoroughly review all the circumstances of their life as they were then, and as they are now. We then discuss what they would like to have changed and what options are available to them. 

The Standards

Generally, a party can seek a modification of a child support order if since the last child support order was entered, modified or adjusted, (i) three (3) years have passed, (ii) there has been a 15% increase or decrease in either party's income, or (iii) there has been a "substantial change in circumtances."

In deciding whether to modify a custody/visitation order, a court will look to see if since the last order was entered, modified, or adjusted (i) there has been a "substantial change in circumstances" that may make modification appropriate, and (ii) whether it would be in "the best interests of the child" to so modify.


These are not questions that should be argued before a court by a layman. If you have a matter that has to do with the life and livelihood of a parent or a child, you would be well advised to seek the aid of an experienced, dedicated, and caring attorney who will guide you through the process and agressively pursue your rights.

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